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We work hard at keeping our center clean and sanitized throughout the day. Tables, toys, and diaper changing tables are sanitized after each use. We also use three Ionic Air Purifiers throughout the school, to help our children breathe cleaner air. As an added measure, we have introduced our staff and children to the use of DOTERRA’S Essential Oils as a method of preventing colds and flus. After diffusing the Essential Oil called Breathe and Serenity, we noticed that several of our infants who typically use a breathing machine did no longer need to use the machine as often or at all. One parent states that her child’s eczema and skin disorder cleared up when we diffused the oils. We offer parenting classes for any of our parents who would like to learn how to use the oils to treat or prevent different conditions and minor ailments.
We encourage you to purchase the essential oils at:

When purchasing from this site, you are directly contributing to Kids Are Us Academy’s school wide fundraiser. All profits generated from this fundraiser will be used for the health and benefit of our students.

To keep our staff and parents in good health, we have suggest they visit the following related links which are personally sponsored by Kids Are Us Academy and the Owner/Director of Kids Are Us Academy.
our FACEBOOK PAGE IS CALLED: Reflecting Your Youth


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